Birmingham Alabama Newborn Photographer.

Birmingham Alabama Newborn Photographer. Meredith Rowlen is Birmingham Alabama Newborn Photographer. I have won Birminghams Best Newborn Photographer for multiple years. 

I absolutely LOVE newborn sessions and starting a new relationship with new clients. Especially when my clients come back over and over so I can watch their babies grow. 

A lot of times I am the first person other than family to hold babies. I do not take this honor lightly I am always very careful and let baby lead the session. I have a workflow I like to go through but not until baby is calm and sleepy. 

You will be send a newborn information packet after booking. The packet will give you lots of advice on how to prepare for your session. After over 17 years of photographing babies I have learned a lot of things that help. 

A fed baby is a happy baby. Giving baby a full fed before you leave is most important, breast or bottle. Bringing extra food to your session helps too. I have told parents for years babies tend to eat more at newborn sessions. 

Babies are mostly photographed in their birthday suits and kept in a hot room to keep them comfortable. Don't forget to bring extra diapers as well. 

You can be as involved as you would like. Some parents want to pick out multiple props and have posing ideas they send me and that's cool. Other parents come in hand me baby and fall asleep on my couch. Either option is fine and it's up to you. I do have a large basket full of knitted hats that you can go through and choose as well. 

This blog post will give you a little more information on how to prepare for your session. Pay your deposit and book your session here I will forward you the newborn information packet.