One Month Newborn Session

Sometimes time just gets away and you just don't hit that 7-14 day recommended newborn session age range.. and that's ok!! Don't be afraid to still book a newborn session! They are normally more alert at this age BUT that just means you will get some awake pictures as well as some sleeping images. This little man KNOCKED HIS NEWBORN SESSION OUT OF THE PARK.. he did ALL my normal newborn poses and was amazing to hang with and LOOOOOOOK at his gorgeous parents! I think he's a perfect mixture of the two of them!

I love when my clients also bring some things that mean a lot to them for the pictures. See that bear, it was made by her Sister in Law and it's made of sweet baby boys late grandfathers shirts. I have a feeling he was hanging around and watching his grandson with his bear...The smiling picture.. I Kid you not I literally said, in my head, Grandpa if your here make this sweet baby smile. Then I got that shot! I do not think it was just a coincidence!!!