Welcome to Birmingham and Hwy 280 Scooter's Coffee

Welcome To Birmingham and Highway 280 Scooter's Coffee. I am not going to lie it was a sad time watching the destruction of the old Pizza Hutt. We have a lot of good memories there with the boys. So many lunch buffet visits and team parties, it's hard to say goodbye. 

I saw that we were going to get a Scooter's I was definitely pumped! I am a recovering Starbucks customer. (Yes Hwy 280 location I am still alive, I'm sure you thought I died, my wallet told me we had to break up) Bullet Coffee has been my favorite and they are some pretty awesome people so Scooter's was going to have to impress me.

Welcome to Scooter's... me ummm just a second please. Then he says is this your first time, I said yes, he said well our most popular drink is Caramelicious. It was at that point that I saw on the menu that breakfast is served ALL DAY. Wait what breakfast foods are always my favorite. So I ordered a hot chocolate and a caramelicious muffin . 

The muffin looked a lot smaller in the menu picture, it was HUGE. It was delicious I ate half right away and the rest at lunch. When I say it's huge I mean it! The hot chocolate was pretty yummy, but I still say Bullet is better! However because there are so many other options at Scooter's and an app as well I will be back. I really want to try thei. Really after looking at the menu Smoothies and their fruit n Ice's. I'm gonna need to try 80% of what they offer, lol.

So I have to share my QR code cause it you sign up on their app use my referral code so we both get $2.