Voted Birmingham Alabamas Best Newborn Photographer

Voted Birmingham's Best Newborn Photographer. I am honored to have been voted Birminghams Best for multiple years. I truly adore capturing these moment's in my clients lives.

Newborn Photography is probably my favorite to photograph. Babies are so small and amazing. I have written a blog on how to prepare for your newborn session here. You can also view my newborn gallery here. I have a workflow that I like to go through with my newborns. But each session is baby led. Being baby led means how baby behaves leads the session. If he/she is not wanting to do certain photos we will certainly move to the next. 

A fed baby is a happy baby. So breast or bottle fed it doesn't matter baby just needs to come with a full belly. Full babies pose better, it's hard to pose or settle a fussy baby. 

I have a large collection of outfits for babies as well as hats, headbands etc. You do not have to bring anything to your session if you don't want to. I always welcome items from home to customize sessions more though. I have had parents bring baseball gloves, surgical masks, guitars, stethoscopes, monogrammed blankets etc. 

Sibling shots sometimes prove to be difficult with younger kids. Talking to your older child and showing them images before the session sometimes helps. This way your older child knows what we are trying to achieve. Younger kids you kinda get what you get. I have a lot of go to poses for siblings that I will try but we can't force older kids to behave. So you might need to be ready to get in some images too just in case. 

I have four boys myself so I fully understand how kiddos can be when you add another family member. Just be as calm as you can and we will work together to try to get some sibling shots. 

Voted Birmingham's Best Newborn Photographer: Meredith Rowlen 205-296-7943