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Alabama Newborn Photographer in Birmingham Alabama Meredith Rowlen. Newborn Sessions are one of my favorites. There's nothing better then a precious new baby. 

This family was absolutely precious. They had three gorgeous big sisters there ready and willing to hold him at any second. They are going to be the best big sisters. This sweet little man slept so good and he wore some of my favorite outfits. 

Booking a Newborn session is easy to do. You just go to my booking site here and fill out the questioner and put down a $150 deposit. Putting down the retainer will save a spot for the months around your due date. It will guarantee you have a spot within 2 weeks of your babies birth. 

How to prepare for your session is one of the number one questions I get. Everyone is concerned their baby will be "bad" and not corporate. Just remember this session is baby led. I say that in the way to let you know baby will not be "forced" or put in any position that will be uncomfortable for him/her. People often forget how squished babies are in their tummies, they easily curl up for pictures and don't seem to even care in the first few weeks of life. 

You can read more about how to prepare here in this older blog post. The number one thing you need to remember is baby needs a full belly. Be sure to nurse or bottle feed before leaving your home headed to the studio. 



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