Please read ALL Information

I am SUPER Excited about the Lamb Sessions for Saturday the 9th. 

My studio is in my home. You can Park in the driveway or at the bottom of the

hill. Please try not to block anyone in. If you park at the top of my driveway park

as close to the back brick wall as you can. It’s best to go ahead and turn around

so you drive down face first when leaving, backing down isn’t fun. Walk UP the

front deck stairs (white and brown deck/house) and My studio is the white door to

the left. You will see us.

8012 Eagle Crest Lane, 35242.

Also- written directions just in case!

From 119, turn into Eagle Point onto Eagle Crest Drive. Then take the third road

on the left, Eagle Crest Lane. (You will see a Lots available/construction sign)

We are the first house on the right. (Brown house with white porch)


Just wanted to go over a few basics for everyone. Sorry this may be a little long just want to make sure I answer ALL questions. 


First off Payments, The total after deposit is: $130.80. (unless you added extras, please refer to your total below in your booking email) Please bring exact Cash or personal check. I will not be able to make change or run credit cards due to the sessions being back to back and no I will not be able to accept paypal, cash app or venmo either. This will keep things running fast and as smooth as possible so please bring exact amount in envelope or a check :) Plus my bunny/lamb wranglers and farm I rent lambs from like to be paid in cash.


Second PLEASE be sure to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time slot. There are no open slots and if you arrive 5 minutes late to your 10 minute session then you only have 5 minutes to shoot. Please be considerate of other sessions and families. Dress to be in pictures if you think your child may not want to do images alone. Moms and Dads holding lambs and bunnies is super cute too J This year I will have a lamb and two bunnies. Remember these sessions are back to back..I will try my hardest not to run behind but it may happen..thanks in advance for understanding.


There will be no images taken without a bunny or a lamb in the standard price. (You will have to add the $50 upgrade to get images without a animal, or you could also book a spring session) But I also think family pictures with a bunny or lamb are pretty special too so jump in a shot or two with your kids you won’t regret it! If you want to add family images WITHOUT an animal it is an upgrade option on the site $50. (I can add this for you if you want to add it) Cousin or Grandparents added will be $25 more and there’s even a headshot option if your getting dressed up anyways and want me to shoot a few images for your new headshot! $50 per adult. 


I have a couple different set up options and put some examples below. Porch swing, porch, sofa, plain backdrop and backdrop with banners and will have a few props, stools etc for the images but feel free to bring something you'd like to incorporate in your photos as well. Easter Baskets are ALWAYS cute so we can do a shot with a bunny in the basket. So don't forget your kiddos basket.


WEATHER & Location: The weather looks hit or miss for this weekend but even if it rains we will still be able to shoot in studio and on the covered porch. 


I know I don’t have to say this but just in case, please understand these are farm animals. They poop and pee whenever they please, I will have supplies and helpers to help clean BUT you have to understand some may get on you, your child’s outfit or your basket if you bring one. This does NOT happen often but it might happen so I just want to warn you. The bunnies are also someone’s loved pets please explain to your child we need to be gentle when holding and petting. Bring your phones you will have time to take selfies with the animals too! 



If you have any questions just let me know. 

Meredith Rowlen


Few images from last weekend