Birmingham Alabama First Birthday Photographer

Birmingham Alabama First Birthday Photographer. I absolutely LOVE First birthday sessions. Especially when a smash cake is involved. Smash cakes are so fun! Babies get to have their first taste of cake and make a big mess! I always get asked where to get your smash cake and I have three great suggestions. Edgars makes beautiful cakes and they are super yummy. Publix is also a great place and a little more affordable. But if you're looking for a custom cake and one that tastes incredible I always recommend my cake girl Carrie Allen she lives in Chelsea but is worth the drive if you aren't near her. She has made by kids cakes for years and even her fondant is delicious, in fact I prefer it over regular icing. 

Back to your First Birthday Session. I always suggest bringing decorations you plan on using at babies party. Banners, cake toppers, balloons, decor and even props. I have had clients find many of those things on etsy as well as amazon. I love their balloon boxes and banners. It's better to bring too much than not enough so just load up the car and we can pick and choose when you get here. 

When my big boys were little smash cake photographer wasn't a thing which I hate cause I love looking back at my seven year olds smash cake pictures. The first time Grayson tried cake he wasn't a fan and he cried and the session just didn't go well. I of course tried again cause it was really important to me to get the pictures, he did great the second time. I suggest to others that you practice with a cupcake a few days prior to your session. This way baby can get a feel for the taste and texture. When it's your session date he/she will more then likely dig in!!

Birmingham Alabama First Birthday Photographer Meredith Rowlen, 205-296-7943.