Hoover Alabama Childrens Photographer

Hoover Alabama Childrens Photography. Two year photography sessions are a must have. You get incredible portraits in studio or outdoors. Capturing the age perfectly requires a lot of running and chasing. 

I suggest for two year sessions that mom and dad come dressed to be in some images as well. Sometimes it takes a little bit for kids to warm up. With parents reassuring them and hanging with them it's usually easier. Now sometimes kids need absolutely nothing and are ready to go from the get go. If you really don't want to be in pictures don't let this deter you from booking.

I would suggest to book a package where you can do a few wardrobe changes to get variety. Two is a hard age, our kiddos think they can now do it ALL, and ALL by themselves, lol. If your child is a runner and you aren't ready for the chase please consider that in location choices. 

Aldridge Gardens requires photographers to join their guild yearly and that fee is covered by me. The plus to this is you aren't in a gardens shooting with the possibility of 100 other photographers. The disadvantage is you have to have every session time and date approved by them. If you are interested in Aldridge we will need to start the process and get the requests for dates out. Birmingham Botanical Gardens allows anyone and everyone to shoot there, it just depends on your schedule and mine. 

If you want more of a casual or urban look there is Mt Laurel or Morris Avenue. At Mt Laurel you get wooded shots as well as streets shots, and stonework. There are a lot of different location options to choose from. If you have a new location to request let me know. This location in these images is Mt. Laurel.