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Why Wear your wedding dress for just ONE day? 12 months of Bridal Gown Awesomeness!!

Wedding Dresses are expensive, VERY EXPENSIVE.. and you wear them ONCE! When my sister finally decided on her wedding dress I told her you really should think about making your dress a staple in your wardrobe. Wearing it at least once a month for the next year and get your money’s worth. AND… that she did.


Every month she posted on Instagram and Facebook I will write the captions with each image:

Let me start with my sister on her wedding day September 30, 2016


(Thanks Charlotte Stringer Photography for the amazing Wedding Photos!)


So we decided, when you spend a ridiculous amount of money on a dress…you should wear it more then once..and you should most definitely wear it in ridiculous places,, So we decided on once a month for a year get our moneys worth:)This month Georgia aquarium, next month…

aaaaPhoto Oct 31, 3 06 38 PM



PSA: you apparently can’t take pictures in the casino, even if you’re in a wedding dress #sorryismytraininyourway

Photo Dec 02, 10 15 21 AM


MONTH THREE: Santa is not as scary as the kids make him out to be

Mel&Coco (2)


And I wonder why the dress was a little snug this month #pizzaislife #dailypizza




Photo Feb 12, 1 08 01 PM


Six Months — of a whole lotta laughs and a whole lotta food, marriage is weird #Gatlinburg

Photo Mar 18, 2 17 43 PM


Would not recommend tubing in a wedding dress to a friend. To answer your questions; Yes it is wet and no I did not fall in and almost drown like that girl on her wedding day.


MONTH Eight:

Donde esta la fiesta esta noche?



Oh hey month nine had to bring it back to where Eddie and I first met!


MONTH TEN: ((we’re almost there)) — I would just like to say that getting on an island with your wedding dress is a lot harder than it looks. Oh and Shadow took it upon himself to jump right in #pirateisland #lakeloganmartin



It was so frippin’ beautiful I had to post two:)We had the best time this weekend



One Year ago today we got married at this very spot, and this year we are back to announce that we are going to have a BABY!!! Oh and of course to finish out month 12 of the wedding dress pictures. We have learned so much in our first year of marriage, but most of all, that the journey is not always what you think it will be. There were times when we weren’t sure if this was going to be a reality for us, but we are so overjoyed at the fact that it is and we get to be parents!!!

We are so so so excited to meet Baby Espinoza next April 2018!!!!!!!!


Personally I’m super sad the monthly wedding dress photos are ending.. hoping baby Espinoza is a girl so we can capture her growing up in the wedding dress!:)

Oh and I did a little math..

Approx cost of the wedding dress: $1,850

Thirteen amazing days getting to wear it: $142.30 a day that doesn’t feel as bad as $1850 for one day!!!


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