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If  you are interested in a Holiday Session BOOK NOW. I am almost completely filled. The cut off for holiday sessions is December 5th. CALL: 296-7943 or email

Thanks SOOO Much to all my AMAZING clients. You are all so Great and I am so blessed &  thankful to have you!



And what’s a post without a Photo.:)Here’s my middle son with HAIR!! It’s growing back pretty fast! AND two missing teeth!!!

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  • Charlotte Stringer - Just wanted to say – that pic of Wilson is gorgeous!!

  • Kim - Congrats on being super busy! Your photography ROCKS!! Your son is an amazing person!!

  • ~Jen~ - What a great expression! Congrats on being so busy!

  • Kyla Branch - Wilson you are too handsome!

Can’t wait to meet your Little Man!!:)

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  • Natasha - these are amazing I love the first one!

  • Gillian - Those are stunning! She is a gorgeous mum-to-be!! Beautiful captures!! ♥

  • evie - What a beautiful mom-to-be! Love that first one!!

  • MOM - The last one is my favorite – SOOOOO SWEET!!!

  • ~Jen~ - What a perfect belly! I LOVE the first shot especially!

  • Jeannette Chirinos Gold - Love Love Love the first shoot
    amazing cpture :)

  • Renee - This looks like a VERY successful maternity session!! I love the silhouette shot!

SO… I went to the zoo today with the kiddos and decided I’d bring my new Lensbaby Composer with my Macro Lens Kit (two lenses: +4 and +10) and my Wide Angle (0.6x) and telephoto (1.6x) Considering I have NO real clue how to use this to it’s full potential I just played.. I think it’s pretty cool. Lots different then my normal shooting.. but let me know what you think.. I personally think the Birmingham Zoo looks PRETTTTY Cool.:) Sept 125c

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  • Heather Georger - I think that they look awesome!!!!! For not knowing what you are doing with them, I think you rocked it out! Can’t wait to see what you do when you really figure them out!

  • Jeannette Chirinos Gold - Amazing work, an d those lenses are awesome
    love all the shots, wonderful

  • Julie Clegg - Beautiful images! Wow! I really love the first one!

  • ~Jen~ - These are great! I’ve had my composer for a couple of months, but have only used it once. You’ve inspired me to pull it out again!

  • Renee - haha, I was expecting to see some animals!! I love all of these!

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  • Melissa Layton - SUPER cute – I love the last one, looks like he still wants to be curled up in mom’s tummy :)

  • Karen Johnson - Just gorgeous Meredith, I love that second shot !

  • Jennifer Morsse - These are so, soooo sweet! Love them!

  • ~Jen~ - You capture the beauty of newborns SO perfectly! Awesome!

  • Gillian - Utterly precious!!! Great shots as always!

  • Mary - Beautiful job with this little one. I love the soft framing you get with that what background material.

  • Tyjuana Hill-Smith - The last picture is perfect…great job on these!!!

  • evie - OMG THat last shot is amazing. AMazing! That one should be blown up and definitely put on canvas. Love it!

  • Mel Chern - ADORABLE, I can’t wait to watch him grow…3,6,9, 12 month sessions showing his growth.

  • Petra - SIGH…so inspiring rawk!

This precious little man is a new member of my baby plan. I can’t wait to watch him grow!!!Aug 082ccblog

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  • Jeannette Chirinos Gold - ADORABLE
    love this pics, wonderful

  • Melissa Layton - So sweet! I love his little lip pucker :)

  • Gillian - I don’t think you could get any better than these! Divine, divine!! Love your chunky cocoon and that fluffy white wrap/throw in the pod is awesome!

  • Tyjuana Hill-Smith - Beautiful pics!!! I look forward to watching him grow up on your blog!!!

  • Shannon Kelley - how cute! He is adorable! And loving the pea pod:)

  • Stephanie Shirley - He is such a doll! That second one is too cute!

  • ~Jen~ - aww! what a perfect little pucker!

  • Becky - Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous!!! I could not pick a favorite so I am sure mom will need to get them all!!!
    Beautiful work.

  • Shannon Kelley - he is perfect…looks like a little doll! You did an AMAZING job!!!